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    Guangdong Runke Bioengineering Co., Ltd.  
    • Add:Longsheng Industrial Park, North Dongxia Road, Shantou, Guangdong, P.R. China 
    • Zip code: 515041
    • Tel: +86 754 8630 9891
    • Fax: +86 754 8630 8192  
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    Runke Bioengineering Co. Ltd., a high-tech company in the biotechnological research, development and production of nutraceuticals, was founded in Shantou in 2000. Runke is the first to break through the technique and achieve commercialization of algal DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) products in China. The company covers an area of 232,000m², including 213,000m² of Fujian production base, R&D centers, pilot plants and 100,000 class GMP standard manufacturing plants. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO22000 and ISO14001 certification. Being the leader in polyunsaturated fatty acids industry, Runke is one of the proposer of the National Standards of DHA (GB 26400-2011) and ARA(GB 26401-2011), and plays an important role in promoting the industrial advancement. Runke’s DHA and ARA have won the trust of customers in terms of their safety, high purity, stability and suitable for both liquid and solid foods manufacturing processes. Runke Bioengineering always pursues the values of innovation in technology, reliability in quality and satisfaction in service and takes care of the benefit of our customers, our company and our shareholders throughout the world. Runke Bioengineering was ranked Top 52 Up-and-Comers by Forbes China in 2012.

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